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We are a passionate gaming and software company dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for millions worldwide. With a curious and innovative approach, we push the boundaries of gaming, fostering a close-knit team that respects and supports each other. Our mission is to bring moments of pure magic to people's lives every day.


We offer a wide variety of positions that go beyond traditional game development roles. Creating unique gaming experiences requires a talented team with diverse skills! Please take a moment to discover how we hire and people and culture . If Gameflex is the perfect fit for you, check out our open positions and join us on this journey!

gameflex office photo
gameflex office photo

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Unique Curved Battlegrounds

Feel instantly on the battlefield with the curved world, don't miss anything and experience a visual feast while controlling your army.

Command Massive Armies

Choose your King, rally your forces, and prepare to clash against competitors from all around the world. Engage in strategic battles where your every decision can shift the tide of the conflict.

Real Time Multiplayer Journey

Are you ready to step into a world where magic knows no bounds and dragons rule the skies? Get ready for the ultimate multiplayer tower defense adventure that will transport you to a realm of mystical wonders and epic battles.